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Who We Are

The Strong Friend Network was birthed out of necessity-- women of color needing a safe space to reflect, rejuvenate, and retreat.


Now, we are a bustling network of "Strong Friends" focused on edifying our communities and supporting each other.

We provide personal and professional development opportunities for women to enhance their lives.

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What We Do

We believe being strong does not mean being alone. There is strength in numbers. Coming together will allow us to accomplish more to build:

Stronger Women.

Stronger Families.

Stronger Communities.

Our Values


Connect with like-minded women seeking genuine friendships, relationships, and growth


Get focused on your goals and receive partners who hold you accountable.


Increase your support system with people who understand and empathize with your journey.


Rise above your circumstances! We want to empower you along the way!

From Our Founder


Strong Friend, It's Time for YOU!

I know what it's like to have the world weighing on your shoulders, trying to be "strong" and not burden others with your problems. 

It's lonely.

It's isolating.

In my personal and professional experience, women desire more support from genuine friends who understand their journey and help fill their cup. 

A Strong Friend needs a village of other Strong Friends.

If you are a woman in need of a place, just for you, in a community of women seeking the same refuge, this is the network for you. 

We hold a safe space just for you.


"Therapist for the Strong Friend"

SFN  Testimonials

"The Strong Friend Retreats is one I'll cherish and remember for years and years to come. What I received far exceeded my expectations and I own that all to the SFR experience. "

Devan, SFR ATX